Here’s how to maximize profits but minimize your expenses when selling.


One of the first things I discuss with potential sellers is how they can maximize their profits while minimizing expenses. Today I’ll provide tips to help with this. You can use these tips even if you aren’t considering selling soon and just want to freshen up your home. This is also the checklist we use when flipping houses.


Feel free to watch the full message above, or use these timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video.


0:00: Introduction to today’s topic

0:50: Tip 1- Curb appeal

1:35: Tip 2- Paint

2:20: Tip 3- Floors

3:30: Tip 4- Hardware

4:35: Tip 5- Lighting

5:35: Tip 6- Cleaning

6:00: Tip 7- Kitchen appliances

6:30: Tip 8- Window coverings

6:50: Wrapping up today’s topic


If you have any questions, want to know more, or would like me to share this checklist with you, feel free to give me a call or send an email. I would love to help you.