How does Boise compare to San Diego? We’re discussing that today.



Today I wanted to share a Q&A session I recently did with fellow Realtor James George in San Diego. James does a video series on YouTube called “The Best Places to Live Across the U.S.,” and of course, I had to throw Boise into the hat. We had a great conversation about how Boise compares to San Diego in terms of home prices, the weather, and great spots to visit.


Feel free to follow along in the video above or else use the timestamps below to navigate the discussion at your leisure:


0:00—Introducing today’s topic


1:20—How I ended up in Boise


2:20—What attractions does Boise offer?


3:08—What kind of homes can you get for $300,000?


4:00—What kind of homes can you get for $1,000,000?


4:36—Wrapping up our discussion


If you have any questions about Boise real estate or what our wonderful community has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Capital Group. We’d love to help you.


If you're interested in watching the interview in its entirety, follow this link!